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Hōkkaido Frogz

Genesis Collection of 999 Hokkaido Frogz are about to BOING BOING onto the Solana Blockchain!

999 Randomly Generated Frogz

The first 100% community driven project in Solana. By the community for the community.

Every Hokkaido Frogz owner will be part of the decision making for Hokkaido Frogz.


Phase 1:
Launch 999 Hokkaido Frogz BOING BOING onto the Solana Blockchain!

Secondary Marketplace listing will follow!

Phase 2:

Roadmap socialization,

Our roadmap include stretch goals...

Roadmap milestones: Airdrops, Breeding, Staking coin utility ($BOING).

Phase 3:
HokkaiDAO after launch, the HokkaiDAO will be formed, and holders of the 999 Genesis Hokkaido Frogz will have complete voting rights over key decisions regarding project direction, including directing key decisions surrounding the roadmap, and the in which the roadmap milestones are executed.

Phase 4:
Carry out Community Directed Roadmap By executing our roadmap goals based on our holders direction and feedback, and in the order they see fit, we believe we can create the most cohesive, engaged community on Solana!

Phase 5:




The Genesis Hokkaido Frogz are a collection of 999 Frogz BOING BOINGING onto the Solana blockchain! The project will be the FIRST to execute it's roadmap based 100% on community voting!


The goal is to create the most engaged community on Solana! So many projects come out that are sized poorly for their goals, or do not build the right engagement from the very beginning. With the team we have assembled and our commitment to letting the community direct the timing, order, and critical points of the roadmap, we think we can build THE STRONGEST AND MOST FUN COMMUNITY ON SOL!

Mint Price?

The price to mint a Hokkaido Frog will be 0.69 Sol (nice).

When Mint?

1/11/2022 AT 9:00pm UTC

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